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Hey, I'm Toni and I'm:

an accredited practising nutritionist

the holder of a bachelor’s in health science (nutritional and dietetic medicine)

a certified yoga teacher

a total food enthusiast

a huge nerd  lover of learning

passionate about wellbeing and self development

a copywriter

What Are My Values?



Health doesn’t need to be complicated! I’m here to empower you with simple steps to help you feel excited about evolving into a new and balanced you.



I believe a little bit of kindness and compassion goes a long way.



I’m here to hold a safe and non-judgemental space where you can share, ask, and grow — sans the guilt.


Before I was a nutritionist, I found the health space mind-boggling. so now…

I make health and wellbeing practical and easy to digest.

When I was younger, I fell into a head-over-heels, Romeo-and-Juliet, Danny-and-Sandy kind of love with chocolate.

Then, I hit high school, and food transitioned from the thing you ate between Maths and English to a cause of severe anxiety and stress for many. My inner seven-year-old wept at the thought; I loved food and took so much joy in it but was beginning to think this was the way it was meant to be. 

The years went on, and I saw some of the people closest to me struggle with confusion and stress around food that became debilitating. 

I finally realised that this was common, but it wasn’t normal; food shouldn’t cause shame, guilt, and judgement.

I knew there had to be another way.

So, my health journey began. I began to scroll through nutrition blogs, creating dozens of bliss balls along the way (ah, 2012, such a simple time you were), but I quickly hit a few roadblocks. 

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Was I meant to cut down on sugar? How about gluten? And why was it all so damn complicated? 

I decided to set the record straight.

I signed up for my nutrition degree, and things started to click into place. 

I felt energetic, found joy in food again, and understood what I needed to fuel my body and show it the love it deserved. Food became a way to tune in to my needs and connect with my loved ones. 

And then I thought, doesn’t everyone deserve this? 

Now, I practice nutrition from a client-centred approach, where judgement, confusion, guilt and shame aren’t welcome at the table. 

Think we’d go together better than Danny and Sandy?

toni gam
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I’m a Nutritionist and Copywriter

Most of the time, I can be found seeing and educating clients in a one-to-one capacity. But when I’m not, you’ll find me typing away about the latest health trend, enjoying self-development books, perfecting my latte art, taking photos of your dog and your breakfast, laughing at my own jokes, hitting the gym, and watching a little bit (okay, a lot) of reality TV.